First Class Security for Your Microsoft 365 Ecosystem

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Why 1 Security?

In a thriving work environment, understanding 'Who has access to what and why?' is a key to security, not a vulnerability. Our service addresses this critical aspect of your digital operations by enhancing the security within your Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

How it works?

1.Security is an intuitive and powerful permission management dashboard for your organisation:

  • Consolidate your data from OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Get crystal-clear overview of who can access what and why
  • Ensure compliance and data integrity, at any team size, even when working with external users

Unparalleled Security

  • Monitor and prevent data-breach risks
  • Eliminate oversharing and permission creep
  • Third Party App Permissions
  • Report access permissions, memberships & licenses
  • Create a compliant environment
  • Reduce access complexity & intransparency

Transform Cybersecurity from an Expert-only Task to an Intuitive Habit of Every Employee

Demystify Cybersecurity in Your Company

Reclaim Your Time

Leverage intelligent tasks and insights that streamline security processes across your team. Create Time to focus on the projects and measures that really matter. Consolidate repetitive and intransparent tasks while staying on top your company’s digital asset security. Our smart cybersecurity tool is designed to ensure simplicity, clarity, and understanding, transforming complex security tasks into manageable actions.