Clarity and control for your Microsoft 365 ecosystem

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Clarity for your organization

Why 1 Security?

We're building 1 Security to deliver unparalleled security for your Microsoft 365 ecosystem, pinpointing 'who has access to what and why'. Our solution cuts through inadequate visibility and complexity of site and group dynamics to bring much-needed clarity to previously opaque areas.

Simplify Your Admin Tasks

Get back precious time by effortlessly consolidating and organizing data from OneDrive and SharePoint. Our solution streamlines your workload, freeing you to focus on what really matters.

Achieve Transparency in Microsoft 365

Navigate the Microsoft 365 ecosystem with ease. Eliminate the headache of complex permission management and gain instant, clear oversight. It’s time for a straightforward, accessible control.

Master Third-Party App Permissions

Embrace your team’s favorite apps without compromising security. With robust monitoring tools, you can ensure the highest security standards while maintaining seamless access rights. Protect your data from external threats effortlessly.

Unlock Real-time reporting

Gain unparalleled insight with comprehensive, real-time reporting on access permissions, memberships, licenses, and usage across Microsoft 365. Empower your decision-making with actionable insights at your fingertips.

Intuitive cybersecurity

Cybersecurity-first Microsoft 365 platform

Keep your environment secure and compliant

Intuitive Microsoft 365 permission management

Get back the time needed to gather and transform information from OneDrive and SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 auditing

Say goodbye to the complex and convoluted access permission management with instant access oversight.

Real-time threats detection

Gain oversight into data-breach risks, oversharing and permission creep.

Simple security tasks management

See access permissions, memberships, licenses, and more with powerful real-time insights with Microsoft 365 reporting.

Empower your team to own their security

secure lock
Reclaim Your Time: Smart Cybersecurity Management
Leverage intelligent tasks and insights that streamline security processes across your team. Our smart cybersecurity tool is designed to ensure simplicity, clarity, and understanding, transforming complex security tasks into manageable actions.

cross teams collaboration
Transform cybersecurity from an expert-only task to intuitive habit of every employee.
Unlock the potential of a security-conscious culture where everyone takes part in safeguarding the organization's digital assets. Start your journey towards seamless, inclusive cybersecurity today.

Ready to regain peace of mind when working with Microsoft 365?

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